How We Can Work Together


Self care Mentoring: 

What is self care mentoring I hear you ask?

Well lovely, it’s an opportunity to sit down with a like minded, experienced mentor who will support you to:

  • Reconnect with and reprioritise yourself,

  • Dig into your mindset around self-care,

  • Identify then release blocks/and barriers,

  • Create a definition of self care that genuinely works for you and

  • Learn to give yourself what you need!

Self care mentoring can be both a 1:1 or group project. It offers a safe space where you’re able to be yourself, feel validated, heard and empowered to expand your self-awareness, explore your mindset and go deeper into your relationship with yourself!

Why self-care mentoring?

It’s the ultimate moment of me time that allows you to connect with yourself, and give yourself some long lasting love- helping you to understand how you can truly meet your own needs, rule free and guilt free not just now, but always!

Things we can work on (a non-exhaustive list ;))

  • Identifying effective strategies which allow you to tune in and stay connected to yourself,

  • Reclaiming self-care with a definition that works for you and your life as it is right now (not tomorrow, not in a new job, or a new homes time),

  • Recognising and letting go of your limiting beliefs around self-care so you can give yourself the things you really need when you need them.

  • Calling out the shoulds that have been running your life, naming and shaming so that they no longer have any power over you- it’s time you get back in the driving seat!!

  • Taking your awareness from paper to action with realistic, practical strategies, tips and tools to get you actually doing (and not doing) the things that truly support and sustain your wellbeing.

It’s a total overhaul baby and it’s all about you!!

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I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with people and share my message, so if you’re planning event, looking for some self-care focused words, or a hippy blonde to join your conversation I would love to hear from you!! Please do not hesitate to drop me a line via the link- I can’t wait to ‘meet’ you!