Let’s Workshop (Group Services)

Ripping up the rule book

Short and sweet, this workshop is perfect for you if you’re looking to open up a conversation around self care within your work place, organisation or group…a conversation that will really have people thinking about self -care a little more and a little differently.

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Debunk the buzz word,

  • Refresh the mindset and

  • Empower people to incorporate more genuinely nourishing self care into their lives, with accessible tools and strategies they can begin using right away.

It’s the perfect introduction to a new way of seeing self-care, that puts the individual in the driving seat.


Workshop materials, Practical tips, tools and strategies that can be utilised right away, Support from an experienced self-care mentor (that’s me :))

£25/person for a group of 10 people.


Self care for study: 2.5hr workshop

If you support students at either college or university and are looking to offer proactive wellbeing and self-care focused resources, then this workshop is for you. The session addresses some of the key barriers which may be preventing students specifically, from engaging with genuinely supportive and intuitive self care, barriers such as: misconceptions around what self-care can actually look like, concerns around money, worries about time, and general overwhelm (given all the change that’s likely to be happening all at once.) 

What’s included in the package: 

  • 2.5hrs of structured face to face support for your group,

  • Full program guide book for students to take away,

  • Reflective summary sent to the co-ordinating contact after the session, highlighting any themes that arose for the students.

£40/person for a group of 10 people.

Bespoke Packages

Everyone’s needs and objectives are slightly different, so if you don’t see your perfect workshop already listed here, no worries…let’s make it my friend. If there’s a specific area of self care you’re wanting to focus on, a specific question you want addressing or a vision you already have in mind then let’s talk about it and see if we can bring that to life.

Click the link below to get in touch- quotes offered based on individual requirements.

Let's Get Back to You's philosophy centre's around love and compassion, for the self and others. I want to support and share this message with anyone who is open and making my services accessible to as many different groups as possible is important. As such discounted rates are available (in relation to group sessions) for registered charities and community groups. 

Please contact me for further information. I can't wait to hear from you.