Let’s Work Together 1:1

The Self Care Reboot

This program’s for you if you’ve lost your self-care mojo and want to give things a serious refresh, but don’t quite know where to start. It’s an opportunity to get support, advice and encouragement from an experienced self-care mentor whilst also having the space to experiment, play and test things out IRL as you go…so that by the end of our time together, you’re a skilled self-care master with a tool box of techniques and strategies to make the magic happen long term.


  • Pre-Pre-session questionnaire to help me understand where you’re at right now,

  • 60 minute kick-starter session to delve into all the areas you want to revamp and refresh so our work together truly makes an impact that just keeps on giving.

  • 4 1hr weekly mentoring sessions,

  • Bespoke mentoring plan that’s as unique as you are- it’s all about what you want and need,

  • Access to a like minded, experienced self-care mentor (ehem- that’s me) to help you create a relationship with self-care that really serves you.

  • Email support from me for the duration of your mentoring to keep you connected, motivated and accountable.

  • 30 minute follow up session within 1 month to see how you’re getting on!


Supercharge your Self Care

This program’s for you if you’re ready to really transform your mindset around self care and get it genuinely working for you, not tomorrow, in a new job or a new homes time but right now. This program offers a whole day dedicated to you, your mindset and your relationship with yourself. It’s an opportunity to reconnect, rewire, and refresh so that you can really begin giving yourself what you truly need not just in the short term but always.  


  • Pre-Pre-session questionnaire to help me understand where you’re at right now,

  • 90 minute kick-starter session before the day so that we can dive into all the elements you’re dying to work on, and make sure your supercharge session really is electric,

  • Bespoke itinerary for your day based on exactly what you want and need,

  • Access to a like minded self-care mentor with years of industry experience, and a personal understanding of the self-care adventure (that’s me by the way, I’ll be there to hold your hand, cheer you on and help you carve a path to the self care that really works for you.)

  • Email support from me for 30 days after your mentoring finishes to help you stay motivated, connected and accountable.

  • 30 minute Follow up session at the end of the 30 days to see how you’re doing.