Please note that Let’s Get Back to You is not a mental health service or clinical intervention. The information and support provided is based on my personal experiences developing self care practices through my own life’s journey. As such, the information and support available is offered as opinion, not advice and it is not assumed to be accurate, current or complete. Let’s Get Back to You’s sole purpose is to provide support to individuals who wish to develop stronger self care habits and practices. I do not presume to know what is right for any individual using the service and it is the clients responsibility to interpret the information, tools and opinions provided and determine if these are relevant or appropriate for use within their own lives. Let’s Get Back to You does not assume responsibility or liability for any actions or inactions taken by individuals following interaction with the service. 

If users have concerns about their mental/physical health and well-being they must always consult the appropriate health care practitioner and never use the information and services provided by Let’s Get Back to You as an alternative to such support. Please never delay accessing medical advice, discontinue medical treatment or disregard previous medical advice based upon any opinion offered by Amy and Let’s Get Back to You. 


Thank you.